When is it Time for Assisted Living Care?

People naturally want to live independently and when faced with disabilities, it can be frustrating trying to find that delicate balance between self-sufficiency and recognizing when the time has come to accept help from others.  How do you identify the signs? Answer these questions with a simple “yes” or “no” to determine if assisted living care is the right decision for you or your loved one.

Family Support

Does your loved one have a family member or friend who can provide assistance with emotional or physical needs? Does he/she have family member or friends who are willing to provide this support without compromising their own lifestyle?


Can your loved one follow the directions on a pill bottle, or manage a daily medication schedule without supervision? Does he/she remember to go to a doctor appointment, or follow complex medical advice to maintain good health?

Personal Hygiene

Does your loved one bathe or shower on a regular basis, and keep their clothing clean? Does he/she manage their personal hygiene and appearance? Do you see a significant change in their appearance or daily schedule from previous years?

Home Safety

Is your loved one’s home free from hazards such as loose wires and a slippery floor? Is the home clean, free from pests, well-cooled and heated? Would he/she know what to do in case of an emergency?


Is your loved one able to walk safely without risk of falling. Can he/she transfer into the shower and tub safely? Can he/she safely walk up steps? Can he/she operate a vehicle safely without getting lost?


Does your loved one have a good memory? Can he/she remember the personal history of a family member, remember names of relatives or close friends? Is he/she able to perform important daily tasks such as taking medications or turning the stove off?

Meal Preparation

Can your loved one prepare a meal for himself/herself, purchase groceries without help, and ensure all foods are well stocked, fresh and healthy?


Is your loved one active and able to maintain the social lifestyle he/she had in previous years? Does he/she socialize with friends or family?

If you answered “NO” to these important questions, it may be time to seek assisted living care from a professional. Or it may be time for an in-home visit by one of our professional social workers. You must ask yourself, what should you do?

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